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Logistic and Supply Chain

Globalization has been a major influence in the logistics and transport industry through lowering barriers to entry and opening up emerging markets. This has also led to more complex supply chains, through increased competition, smaller margins and management of transport.
Our key purpose is to improve process capabilities so that you can spend more time growing your business while we help to run them.
Transportation, distribution management and global logistics services will differ for each business and in identifying opportunities to improve the efficiencies of your supply chain, will bring about a customised strategy suited to you as well as a rewarding partnership.
By mapping out the entire journey of your operation, our team of logistics engineers who are experts in local markets will work with you to execute supply chain operations with clarity and affability. From the initial business survey through to fleet management by tracking items in real time using GPS tracking, Laxmimayee takes care of the full operation, so you don't have to.


Health Care

Healthcare is a world’s largest and fastest growing industry with large number of hospitals, clinics, laboratories and healthcare institutions. The highly skilled workforce includes specialized physicians, nurses/midwives and technicians. In the year 2010, hospitals posted revenue in excess of $809 billion in US according to official resources. This billion dollar industry is still lacking from proper management of resources.

A leader since the year 2003, Laxmimayee has been delivering Healthcare software solutions to manage complex data and automate administrative tasks. Our team of more than 100 IT professionals, who have spent years working in the healthcare IT, use their creative minds in technology, business and healthcare. We develop and implement range of IT solutions for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations for enhanced patient care.


Manufacturing is a wealth-producing sector of an economy, so every country is spending huge amount to increase manufacturing units. This sector is closely connected with Engineering and Technology. Manufacturing businesses can be increased globally based on requirements and quality products.
Laxmimayee has numerous solutions to manage your business processes as our manufacturing solutions streamline your processes from production to delivery.

You can easily manage your current resources and will have time to think about expansion. Manufacturing industry is very vast. Every industry is worried for sale, purchase, managing supply chain, labours and quality. One has to keep track of entire sections for quality products.


Retail Market

Retail market is increasingly being taken over by large retail chains. As consumer plays vital role in rapidly growing Retail industry, they expect quick and stable services from retailers. Laxmimayee deliver Multi-Channel solutions that enable retailers to create smarter shopping experiences for their consumers whether they buy online, direct from stores or via mobile.

Laxmimayee has deep understanding of Retail industry and our tech professionals are well familiar with retail operations, merchandising and customer relations. Our professional services team include consultants, project managers, business analysts, system engineers, trainers and helpdesk analysts. We can help you increase the ROI of your retail business by educating you how to integrate power of retail technology with your retail operations. Just like the ever changing retail marketplace, our technology suites continuously evolve, offering new tools and services. We are focused on all major retail verticals including Fashion and Apparel, Footwear, Sports, Jewellery and Electronics .

Real Estate

Real Estate is a backbone of an economy, every country is reliant on Real Estate sector. Sellers and buyers both plays important role to close any deal. For any successful deal, there are lots of other hidden players who plays vital role. Being a contractor/builder, one has to manage the entire project cautiously to get best ROI of their project

Are you getting best ROI of your project?

Rapidly growing Real Estate companies are anxious to expand their business in other countries. At Laxmimayee, we are providing complete solutions for Real Estate Industries.
Our solution delivers best in class operational and financial performance. With more than 15 years of experience in Real Estate IT, Laxmimayee provides you refined solution for your industry.



Hospitality is a booming industry and broadly classified into many fields that includes restaurants, hotels, event planning and even travelling. A billion dollar service industry has a largest impact on world economy. In hospitality, there are lots of opportunities for quality service providers.

As hospitality industry is totally dependent on quality service, users also want quick and easy accessibility.
Laxmimayee hospitality solutions will help to manage the online and guest experience. and to get best ROI of your business. We are covering a wide variety of establishments across the industry in many countries across the globe. Our team has a wide knowledge of hospitality services and always coming up with new ideas.

Media & Entertainment

Mostly Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies are using the power of cloud. They capture and record thousands of terabytes of videos/audios/photos annually. Though high storage cost is a setback in this industry, there are still a lot of opportunities for new companies.

From films, gaming, music, television and advertising, this industry is totally based on quality management and networking. We work aggressively to help media and entertainment industry to make vibrant changes work for them by providing world class data security services to protect data.