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Business Process Analysis

The first step in any major project is to analyze exact requirements. We analyse your current business models and provide you right solution to streamline your business processes. We use structured and organized approach & methodology. It is the activity of reviewing and changing existing


business practices so that they fit in new and improved process.By conducting process analysis of a business, companies can remain resourceful, streamline work flow and become more effective in their domains. Services consultancy business process analysis.

We identify and define the solutions that will maximize the value delivered by an organization to its stakeholders. It helps in identifying new opportunities, avoidance of cost and modelling the organization. We use several approaches to investigate the global business environment in which an organization operates. The most common approach we use is PEST (Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural and Technological). Bus


Opting right technology is vital for success of any project. We understands the significance of technology and guide you at every step for accomplishment of your project. We undertake this with a technical and functional review of your specification. Our Business Analysts are highly experienced to show you the right path. Technology solutions consultancy.


IT Consulting – Specialties
All aspects of website & mobile design and advice.
Soft problems analysis and management.

Process optimization and improvement.

Mission critical IT and Internet Initiatives consulting.

Networks & enterprise infrastructure design

Support, testing, “life cycle” maintenance and security.

Business Intelligence

we know how to transform your unstructured data into useful information to identify new opportunities

for your business. Today maximum organizations are dependent on Business Intelligence. Restaurants are heavy users of BI Software to make strategic decisions such as which non-profitable store to close and how to modify menu items to fetch more customers. Similarly Retail industry is dependent onBI Software to manage stores. Let we gather and analyze the information of your products, customers and competitors to make strategic planning. We realize that you need to find a partner that can help translate raw data into meaningful and useful information for business processes.

With Our Business Intelligence, you will get: Reports for clear understanding

Analysis of your data

Go mobile wherever you are

Live monitoring to get quick decision

Access your data in different formats.



With a team of expert Project Managers and advance software features, we can assure for better planning, organizing and controlling resources. Our professionals smartly handle complex projects by dividing into multiple phases- Initiating, Planning, Executing, Managing and Closing.


Important factors to consider:
> Understanding the scope of the project
> Proper planning
> Dedicate team
> Coordination with team and client on regular intervals Monitor project progress
> Generate reporting to meet deadlines.
> Delivering successful results


we can identify and propose solutions which can help increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction and cut costs by using latest technology advances available in the market. Business Transformation is continues process and ongoing journey, at every step you will improve your business


productivity and feel drastic change. These days cost cutting is not enough, you must devise a strategy that enables the business to adapt quickly. This means simplifying processes to make the business more agile. Every industry has a need of automating the processes to step ahead globally. There are several factors you need to consider: Whether you are into product based industry (e.g. manufacturing) or service based industry (e.g. Banks, Hotels, Hospitals), you should track whether the industry is achieving goals and satisfying your customers? How should the organization be equipped to improve the critical processes? What is your target market and are you able to meet targets using the current system? Are you getting the best ROI of your business or do you need new system to increase productivity and to get best ROI of your capital?. There are lots of other questions that may arise, let’s discuss how we can help transforming your business?


E commerce Solutions

Online solutions for growing your business:

We provides a comprehensive list of marketing, electronic commerce, and administrative systems for commerce websites. Our ‘customer-centric’ approach to solutions offer new and effective techniques for promoting products and increase return on investment.

Our e-Commerce, m-Commerce & Gateway Solutions Include:

Mobile & Desktop Payment Gateway integration Website development/ Online store development Platform Migration .NET; Open Source to HTML5 projects Customized order/ shipping modules Credit card security/ PCI compliance CRM, CMS, Open Source or HTML5 integration ZEN, OpenCart, Magento, NopCommerce, and Hybris experts Cloud based E-commerce and M-commerce solutions


Your search for artistic, customized, and affordable web development services ends at Laxmimayee: Laxmimayee is capable of developing websites that are user-friendly (interface and navigation), visually appealing (graphics and style), and targeted to your audience (SEO/SEM and media advertising) and performance. We collaborate and review your business objectives and requirements to assess the most productive solution strategy. Depending on


time-to-market and level of complexity, we follow customized processes and models for web application development.

We have developed n number of websites for customers world wide:

Ecommerce Application Development Content Management System development Shopping Cart Development Real Estate Portal Development Dating and Matrimonial sites Discussion Forum Social Networking Web Application Development Ecommerce Application Development Content Management System development Shopping Cart Development Real Estate Portal Development Dating and Matrimonial sites Discussion Forum Social Networking Web Application Development



Whether you need responsive website or separate mobile website is very important to be familiar with. This is because responsive design

sites have one URL and the same HTML.As per latest Google news, Google prefers responsive web design because content that lives on one website and one URL is much easier for users to share, interact with, and link to than content that lives on a separate mobile site. A responsive website can provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes. Mobile tends to the next wave in the evolution of e-business. The Web is becoming more accessible by portable devices and Mobile is the best portable and wireless device to access. It is only logical that mobile search will overtake desktop search at some point in the near future as well. If you’re not providing a mobile-friendly experience for your customers, they’ll bounce off your website and go to your competitor whose website is easier to use. User wants same content while searching the website on mobile and desktop, this also enhances user-experience. Moreover, if you have separate desktop and mobile site, you must need different SEO strategies to promote two different sites. You will always prefer only one website name, rather to promote separate .Mobi domain for same business.

Responsive websites has number of advantages over separate mobile site:

Same content would be promoted on desktop and mobile Recommended by Google to crawl, index, and organize content more efficiently. Great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes Easier to manage contents One URL to target both Desktop and Mobile users Increase sales and conversion rates Save time and cost for development and management Gis

GIS Services - Data Migration

Data migration is the transferring of data between storage types, formats, or computer systems. Data migration is usually performed programmatically to achieve an automated migration, freeing up human resources from tedious tasks. It is required when organizations or individuals change computer systems or upgrade to new systems

Our Expertise :

Moving of existing digital data from one format, into the target GIS format. Existing database information is linked to GIS graphic features with unique identifiers, and customized software is to load GIS attribute data. Commercial and customized migration software is also used to translate/migrate data between various GIS formats and operating system platforms

Migration of existing digital data to the target GIS. Loading massive database attribution using automated data entry techniques. Translation between various GIS data formats. Migration between various operating system platforms.

GIS Services - Utility Mapping

Major investments need to be made in society’s utility supply lines; Water mains, sewage systems, telephone lines, power lines, gas mains, etc. Often the geographic location is recorded on inferior quality maps and in some cases it is not documented at all. Certainty of supply, environmental protection and efficiency of operations, however, require good basic data. Excavation damage can be largely avoided when reliable information regarding location and description of underground utility lines are available.


Repair and replacement of utility lines can be carried out in the optimal manner when based on an efficient GIS/utility mapping system.

Our Expertise :

Electrical Distribution and Transmission network Gas Distribution network Telcom Distribution network Sewer and Water Distribution network We have Experts in ESRI-Products, Intergraph -Products, GE Smallworld Betnley -Products, Auto Desk-Proudcts


Parcel/Cadastral/ Mapping

Parcel maps facilitate administration, Zoning, Flood determination, Real Estate, Service territories, Financial services, Tax, Utilities, Building and site development, lake and stream erosion control, Planning, Design and construction of roads, public works etc. Understanding actual parcel boundaries significantly improves the positional accuracy of property location. Positional accuracy is a measurement how close are the property location features representing the true position on Earth. Knowing actual parcel boundaries significantly improves the accuracy of parcel data. The

utility of a parcel map is that it allows for easy identification of where a property is located relative to public ways and adjacent properties. For planners, assessors, and engineers it provides a construct to aid in the evaluation of proposed subdivision, compliance to local zoning, expansion of municipal utilities, and as a tool for managing the tax assessment process. A parcel map is perhaps the most convenient resource available to the public to determine the location and parcel identification number of a property. An adequate parcel map should reflect size and shape of each individual parcel owned in a town.

Our Expertise :

Paper parcel maps into the mapping system and georeference to match the GPS ImageBASE. If Scanning isn't an option then we have the ability to draw the parcel maps to scale manually using coordinate geometry (COGO) techniques, while georeferencing to the GPS ImageBASE as we go. We also link the parcel polygon to a database record for easy look up and management. When these parcel lines overlay with recent DOQQ images we may encounter with spatial alignmentissues. To get high accuracy parcel dimension recent source tiff and New DOOQ images areused for spatial alignment process. Vector scaling method is useful for large area alignment. Maintenance spatial alignment process effectively handled with predefined customized tool.

GIS Services - 3D City Mapping

Three-dimensional models of urban environments are useful in a variety of applications. They are typically represented either as Digital Surface Models (DSM) or triangular 3D meshes. A standard technique for obtaining the geometry of a large-scale city area in an automated or semi-automated way is to apply stereo vision techniques on aerial or satellite imagery. DSMs and 3D models can also be obtained from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) or from airborne laser scans Recently, ground-based data acquisition


systems have been developed, which are capable of scanning the geometry of building facades as seen from the street level.

Our Expertise :

3D visualization models have a variety of applications in geography and urban studies: site location analysis, emergency facilities planning, design review, marketing, etc. While they are generally used to simply visualize the built environment, there are early signs of them being used as 3D interfaces to more sophisticated simulation models.
Areas of usage include :
Gaming companies
RF Planning Companies
Real Estate


GIS Services - Cartography

Art and science of representing a geographic area graphically, usually by means of a map or chart. Political, cultural, or other non-geographic features may be superimposed. Geographical coordinates describe positions on the spherical Earth. These must be transformed to positions on a two-dimensional plane before they can be depicted on a printed sheet or a computer screen.

Our Expertise :

Basic vector geodata, is imported and assigned symbols or signatures to it, which is organized according to individual concepts. Enhanced maps with additional objects are record on site using a GPS device and import into the map. Map objects are edited using many editing functions to the highest cartographical requirements. Using ODBC interface, map objects are linked to tables or databases and record additional information in them. Finally, map is exported as a PDF file and sent to printing process or publish

GIS Services - Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing In the broadest sense, the measurement or acquisition of information of some property of an object or phenomenon, by a recording device that is not in physical or intimate contact with the object or phenomenon under study; e.g., the utilization at a distance (as from aircraft, spacecraft, or ship) of any device and its attendant display for gathering information pertinent to the environment, such as measurements of force fields, electromagnetic radiation, or acoustic energy. The technique


employs such devices as the camera, lasers, and radio frequency receivers, radar systems, sonar, seismographs, gravimeters, magnetometers, and scintillation counters. The practice of data collection in the wavelengths from ultraviolet to radio regions. This restricted sense is the practical outgrowth from airborne photography. Sense is preferredand thus includes regions of the EM spectrumas well as techniques traditionally considered as belonging to conventional geophysics.

Our Expertise :

Change Detection — determine the changes from images taken at different times of the same area. Orthorectification — Warp an image to its location on the earth. Spectral Analysis — For example, using non-visible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum to determine if a forest is healthy. Image Classification — Categorization of pixels based on reflectance into different land cover classes (e.g. Supervised classification, Unsupervised classification and Object Oriented Classification). Agriculture Forestry Geology Hydrology Sea Ice Land Cover & Land Use Mapping Oceans & Coastal Monitoring Ocean pattern identification Storm forecasting Fish stock and marine mammal assessment Oil spill Shipping.


Why Choose Us?

Has an experienced team of innovative minds to ensure you receive the best in services. In the past decade, our technical staff, consultants and project managers have acquired tremendous experience by working in various industries and through managing complex critical systems. Our experience assists in enabling you to achieve your IT and Internet plans and projects’ goals, and optimize your resources by employing our knowledge and perspectives. We deliver value through best practices and tools that transform your infrastructure to keep pace with changing business demands.

How we work

Business Engagement Models

Fixed-Price Project Fee Low risk option developed from a custom proposal and 'Statement of Work' prepared by Laxmimayee for the client. Pricing usually based on timeline, milestones, and deliverable progress schedule jointly agreed between Laxmimayee and its client. Our process optimization ensures reliability, predictability, and optimized performance for on-time, on-target, and on-budget delivery.

Time & Materials – Hourly Based on fee-per-hour of work on project as defined in a predetermined 'Statement of Work" for the client. Time and


Material Pricing is applicable to assignment conducted either 'on-site' or 'remotely' on behalf of client interests – material costs are reimbursable by client. Optional: "Not-to-Exceed" feature may be added to Time and Materials engagement. Client receives the benefit of Laxmimayee's efficient production in the event that a project is completed before the specified deadline.

Joint Incubator Project This is a new structure in which Laxmimayee participates with a development partner to create new products for joint sales and marketing. Laxmimayee would provide a portion of the design, development and delivery costs of producing a new product. In exchange for Laxmimayee's participation, the client shares equity of the final product and future revenue that may arise from the product sales. Our process optimization ensures reliability, predictability, and optimized performance for on-time, on-target, and on-budget delivery.


How we work

Quality Policy

LaxmiMayee's Quality Policy
We at Laxmimayee strive to give highest customer satisfaction in time to ensure maximum value for money. We are committed to provide error free, preventive systems. We dedicate ourselves to emerge as a highly responsive global organization of maximum visibility. Laxmimayee's business strategy is, “the customer is the focus” for our services and solutions – we call it

“customer-centric”. Your concepts and ideas are our tactical marching orders to deliver your project, customer driven successful projects, we listen! Laxmimayee believes that we can prove to you that our benefits provide superior value. In a time when the world economies are cutting back, discounting, giving less for more money, Laxmimayee believes it can demonstrate how to provide more value, for less cost in developing digital assets.

Strengths and Beliefs We take pride in our culture which is based on the belief that our customers are the reason we are in the business and we want to be a partner in their success. Our clientele strength has been the key success to our growth. We like to base our business on very honest commitments are accountability for the same to become and remain a trustworthy partner with our customers.

We also very strongly believe that for us to be successful each member of the organization has to have enthusiasm, competency, innovative thinking and urge to share the growth and development of the company.

How we work

Non Disclosure Agreement

Non Disclosure Agreement
We understand your business ideas are confidential, whether that’s patent, is more valuable than your physical assets. You must want to turn your idea into project, business or product. In Laxmimayee, your information will remain closed under the table as we believe in high ethics. If we had a reputation for sharing proprietary information, we wouldn’t get too many clients knocking our doors.


How your information is secure with Laxmimayee:
We prefer NDA signing before exchanging business perceptive information. It gives you assurance of confidentiality.

Our every employee has signed a Proprietary Information Agreement and NDA with us, to pledge their fidelity. Employees can’t involve in any other activity/business during their employability with Laxmiamyee

Id card swipping based access control to office premises and server rooms. Only authorized officials are allowed to use server rooms.

Security firewalls are installed to prevent unauthorized access. Removable media (CD/DVD/Pen Drive) is strictly not allowed in development floor. Fire protection systems with alarms are installed as per requirements.

How to make Payment